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With courses, seminars and workshops, the NSO meets the current and emerging training needs of the Alliance and partner nations

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NSO Receives HQ SACT Unconditional Quality Assurance Accreditation

NATO School received NATO’s highest grade in its recent assessment by the HQ SACT Quality Assessment Team of Experts, meeting or exceeding the minimum criteria in all assessment areas. These outstanding results were announced by HQ SACT Joint Force Trainer, Vice Admiral Javier Gonzalez-Huix, ESP N, on 1 Dec 14. This achievement comes at the end of an 18 month review of academic and supporting staff processes to ensure students at NATO School are given the best possible training and education in a professional and supportive learning environment and just as importantly, that there is a continuous improvement mind-set to carry the organization forward through the six years of the accreditation period. (read more...)

The New Website

Welcome to NSO’s New Website!

We are very excited to share with you our newly designed website that comes with more selectable information, an enhanced navigation experience and an upgraded course catalogue. Your browsing experience is our ultimate ambition. We want you to find structured and relevant information for your upcoming training or education event in a timely manner (read more...)

JTIC Curriculum

Introduction of the Joint Targeting Interoperability Curriculum

JTIC is the education and training solution for increasing and maintaining Alliance competency in the Joint Targeting Process through formal qualification and certification courses. Lessons learned from NATO combat operations in Afghanistan, Libya and observations from NATO Response Force (NRF) certification exercises have repeatedly highlighted Joint Targeting training as a critical NATO operational readiness, operational execution and interoperability shortfall. JTIC will address these shortfalls through three Course Tracks, focused on providing operationally relevant training to personnel assigned to NATO Command and Force Structure positions, and national intelligence and operations targeting billets. The Courses of Instruction reflect the employment of targeteers primarily at the operational level. Please click to get to the JTIC theme page.