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NATO Electronic Warfare (EW) Operational Planning Course

Conducted by INTEL


The aim of this course is to prepare students to analyse Electronic Warfare related factors in an Operational Setting and to design a basic Electronic Warfare OPLAN.


Duration: 1 Week
Course Structure: Resident (1)
Language: English 3333 IAW STANAG 6001
Classification: NATO Secret
Discipline: LOP - Land Operations
Area: LO - Land Operations
Depth of Knowledge: 3 - Apply
ePrime No.: ACT.463
ETOC Code: LOP-LO-31189

Course Iterations

Code Course Dates Open Seats
N3-22-C-18 29 Oct 18 - 02 Nov 18
N3-22-A-19 18 - 22 Feb 19 0
N3-22-B-19 10 - 14 Jun 19 0
N3-22-C-19 28 Oct 19 - 01 Nov 19 3

If no seats are available, you may have your agency POC send a seat waiting list request. Please click on the POC Finder to obtain the contact information of your agency POC.

Learning Objectives

The Operational Planning Environment: Given references, students will explain the different aspects to consider as an EW planner in the operational level, to build the EW contribution to an OPLAN.

Analyze EW Related Factors in an Operational Setting and Design a Basic EW Plan: Given a scenario, students will build and integrate the electronic warfare plan within a broader OPP.

Course Participants

Military officers (OF-2 through OF-5) and NCOs (OR-7 through OR-9, if they have EW experience), or civilian equivalent, assigned to a post within NATO. Prospective students must have completed the N3-21 within the last three years to attend this course.

Language Proficiency: English 3333 IAW STANAG 6001
Rank Requirements: NCO: OR-7 thru OR-9
Officer: OF-2 thru OF-5

Prerequisite Course

Code Name
N3-21 NATO Joint Electronic Warfare Course


This one-week course is comprised of interactive plenary lectures, followed by brief moderated Q&A sessions and syndicate work.

Further Information

Course N3-21 is a prerequisite for this course