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Environmental Protection Requirements for NATO-led Operations

22-26 Jun 15

Reducing our environmental footprint

Within a one-week course, 19 students from 13 different nations were trained on the issue of Environmental Protection at NATO School Oberammergau (NSO).  LTC Lloyd Chubbs, CAN A, SHAPE Staff Officer on Environmental Management taught the students from 22-26 June 2015 together with Cdt Johan Laire, BEL A, Staff Department Operations and Training in Brussels, Environmental Adviser, on the Environmental Protection Requirements for NATO-led Operations. LTC Chubbs and Cdt Laire have already served as an Environmental Protection Officer in a mission and know about the importance of individual and practical training. “The training at NSO provides the students exactly with the tools in the field of Environmental Protection, which are required on NATO-led Operations”, stated Cdt Laire. Besides his function national Environmental Adviser, Cdt Laire has supported the course on Environmental Protection at NSO for 8 years: “I noticed the students are taking the opportunity to discuss problems in the field of Environmental Protection with other students, as they are facing the same problems. The time here at NSO is also of high value for building networks with other Environmental Protection Officers”.

In addition to lectures, moderated question and answer sessions and syndicate exercises, the students had the chance to apply their knowledge in practical training. Altogether, the course is well balanced between theoretical lectures and practical, direct enrolment of the students. During the lessons and discussions LTC Chubbs highlighted the importance of Environmental Protection: “Only one fuel spill can contaminate land and water and has a large impact on the local population and on our soldiers on mission. It is our task to minimize the risk as well as to reduce our environmental and energy footprint.”

After the one-week course, some of the students may be required to apply their knowledge as an Environmental Protection Officer in theatre.