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Maj Alessandro di Rienzo, JTIC staff, facilitates joint targeting training in Madrid, Spain, in early April 2016.


19 Apr 2016

Joint Targeting Training in Madrid

By Lieutenant Colonel Michael Buchkoski
Department Director, Joint Targeting Interoperability Curriculum (JTIC) Department


In April 2016, JTIC staff from the NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) supervised the NATO Joint Targeting Staff Course at the Spanish Joint Operations Command (SJOC) in Madrid, Spain. The Targeting Staff Course provided 25 graduates with an understanding of the fundamentals of the NATO Joint Targeting Cycle and the various roles and responsibilities of NATO Targeteers. Rear-Admiral Antonio Piñeiro Sanchez, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations SJOC, emphasized the importance of the training adding that graduates will be applying their newly-acquired knowledge and skills in the very near future to support scheduled exercises. Rear-Admiral Piñeiro also presented graduation certificates to each of the participants.

Mobile training for the NATO Joint Targeting Staff Course is undertaken up to four times during the academic year but is only made possible with a dedicated cadre of qualified and experienced instructors. JTIC's mission remains unchanged - to maintain and improve NATO's Joint Targeting competency through both resident courses and mobile training events - however joint targeting training is repeatedly highlighted as a capability and interoperability shortfall despite being assessed as a critical operational requirement. JTIC seeks new cadre members and nations are invited to contribute to JTIC through Voluntary National Contributions (VNCs) in order to sustain current academic operations.

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