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NATO CD&E Course in Rome

By Public Affairs Office

From 17 to 24 Oct 16, the NATO Concept Development and Experimentation (CD&E) Course was delivered, for the first time, at the Italian Centre for Defence Innovation, Rome.

The Course was conducted at the request of the Policy and Plans Department of the Italian Defence General Staff; attendees included students from 7 NATO nations, ranging from OF-2 to OF-5, representing all Armed Services and the Carabinieri.

LEGO building blocks were used as the working equipment of choice to provide students with an introduction to NATO's CD&E structure and processes under the supervision of NATO School Oberammergau staff.

Participants, working in small teams, refined their CD&E concept through experimental setup and execution. Throughout the syndicate work, participants experienced the processes of developing and testing their concepts as well as evaluating the results which were to be used in the following Capability Development Process. Case studies from real-world CD&E projects added additional learning value to the course curriculum. In addition to establishing a common understanding of the CD&E Processes within NATO, participants commended the creative learning environment and the opportunity for networking.