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Tablet in the Classroom – an NSO Experiment

By Intelligence Department

In support of the NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) Commandant's vision to exploit new technology to enrich and improve the education and individual training experience within resident courses at the NSO, tablet computers were introduced on a trial basis during a recent course. The use of tablets was intended to improve interaction with students, to introduce new learning methodologies, and to offer the students 24/7 access to supporting doctrine and policy references used in the course through the use of the NSO’s online Member Portal. The NSO’s Intelligence Department volunteered to conduct this trial using the NATO Geospatial Orientation Course (M2-48-A-18), conducted from 16 - 20 April 2018, as the vehicle to perform this experiment. The trial was a common endeavour, requiring cooperation among several NSO departments supported by Wortmann AG company, who provided 32 tablets and one control unit to enable the trial. Data and feedback has been collected from the students and other stakeholders and will lead to proposals for NSO’s leadership regarding the value of in-class tablet use and follow-up to this experiment.