Training that Ensures Interoperability

We always aim to strive for academic excellence and seek continuous improvement in all that we do by sourcing expert, authoritative speakers to produce quality training and education that is relevant to the needs of the Alliance now and in the future

Learn from peers in our classrooms

Welcome to the Academics Directorate, the heart of NATO SCHOOL Oberammergau (NSO). It is here where the critical work of developing sustainable, interoperable forces for the Alliance begins - through the transfer of knowledge, education and skill.

NSO is part of NATO’s integrated training system whose overall aim is to deliver a mutually-reinforcing and globally oriented system that is more connected, more efficient and more affordable for NATO and nations alike.

As you browse our course catalogue, you will see our diverse portfolio that is continually updated to meet the requirements of NATO for today and the future. Operational level courses in Cyber-Security, Operational Planning and Joint Targeting illustrate the capacity, readiness and flexibility of NSO to respond to the changing nature of conflict and provide training in joint and combined areas which are outside of a number of nations’ ability to deliver. These are just a few examples of over 115 courses which you will find in our catalogue.

Underpinning the academic programme are robust quality assurance processes, meeting the requirements of NATO’s Education and Training Directive, Bi-SC Directive 75-2. Key features of NSO’s management framework include:

  • A systematic and transparent Quality Assurance Programme to ensure the relevancy and accuracy of NSO programming and course content
  • A tremendous network of speakers from diverse nations, organizations and companies, that contribute knowledge to present a high level of expertise
  • Continuous feedback mechanisms though student critiques, Lessons Learned Reports, Best Practice Sharing and Communities of Interest forums
  • Accreditation of courses and awarding of credits, where appropriate, with Institutions of Higher Learning and other recognized credit-granting institutions or programmes
  • A Staff Development and Mentoring Programme
  • Individual Professional Development Opportunities to broaden expertise and enable personal growth of Academic Staff

In addition to meeting NATO’s requirements, the NSO partners with other academic institutions to offer one of a kind courses, seminars, and workshops on topics of emerging interest, or higher education which may have interest broader than NATO. Visit our pages regularly to learn about upcoming opportunities.