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E-IT Framework

As a global leader in education and individual training (E&IT), NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) has implemented NATO’s standards and policy as laid out in Bi-SC Directive 75-2 for the design and conduct of E&IT programmes conducted in direct support of NATO.

Key features of NSO’s E&IT management framework include:

  • A systematic, robust and transparent Quality Assurance Programme to ensure the relevance and accuracy of NSO programming and course content;
  • Continuous feedback mechanisms though student critiques, Lessons Learned Reports, Best Practice Sharing and Communities of Interest forums;
  • Publication of Courseware in NATO’s Education and Training Opportunities Catalogue (ETOC);
  • Accreditation of courses and awarding of credits where appropriate with Institutions of Higher Learning and other recognized credit granting institutions;
  • A Staff Development and Mentoring Programme;
  • Individual Professional Development Opportunities to broaden expertise and personal growth of Academic Staff.