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A Message from Colonel Ryan Craycraft, USA-AF
Dean of Academics

In response to the COVID pandemic, the NSO has placed greater emphasis on Distributed Learning to deliver the academic output which underpins Alliance individual Operational-level training. I encourage you to "attend" the following classes:

  • M5-32 NATO Staff Officer Course
    This course provides foundational knowledge on NATO structure, policies, operations, and current issues affecting the Alliance for officers and civilians from NATO and Partner countries. Participants in this course have the opportunity to discuss issues with fellow Allies and partners, to network, and to build professional relationships which will continue well after the course. The course, consisting of three modules, is delivered asynchronously over a three-week period during which students can complete the assignments at their own pace. Course mentors will facilitate online discussions and provide feedback on questions and assignments. (read more about the COSEC Department...)
  • N2-02 NATO Intelligence (ADL) course
    This course gives students a core knowledge of NATO Intelligence. The four-week modular course is delivered via NATO’s Learning Management System (LMS), and includes self-paced learning with pre-recorded lectures, readings, syndicate exercises and online synchronous sessions. Course mentors provide feedback and the course concludes with a multiple choice exam. (read more about the INTEL Department...)
  • M2-00 Intelligence Support to Irregular Warfare (ISIW) course
    This course teaches students to adapt current analytical methodologies designed for conventional warfare to address the challenge of providing intelligence support to irregular warfare. The course, consisting of six modules, is delivered asynchronously over a three-week period during which students can complete the assignments at their own pace. Course mentors will facilitate online discussions and provide feedback on questions and assignments. (read more about the INTEL Department...)
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Resident Courses and Distributed Learning

Please click here for
information about
self-paced online courses

Prospective Students

If you are interested in attending a course at the NSO or via Distributed Learning, please use the Points of Contact page.

For more course administrative information please review the page Student Information.

For detailed information about transportation please review the page Transportation.

Course Tuition

Tuition fee for courses is EUR 450.00 per student week. Ten week courses are EUR 3,500.00 for the complete course.

The following credit cards are accepted for payment of tuition fees:

  • Euro Card
  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • American Express Card
  • EC Cash Card

Payment options are either prepayment on a quarterly basis or cheque/cash or credit card payment during inprocessing/course attendance.

A. Nations/Headquarters may prepay on a quarterly basis for all allocations that end in a quarter. This method can be arranged through direct co-ordination with the NSO Budget & Finance office.

B. All other students must pay by cheque/cash or by credit cards listed above in EURO only. Tuition fees are collected in the Student Administration office during inprocessing:

Sunday 15:00 to 21:00 hrs

A receipt for the amount of the tuition fee will be provided to use for travel voucher submissions.

Information for Nation POCs

Timetable of course bidding process

February Course calendar for the following year finalised and course bidding letter sent to POC
1 June All course bids to be with the NSO
Mid June Primary Allocation Working Group (PAWG) held at the NSO to review bids and allocate seats
September Primary allocation notified to POC

Prioritisation of bid for oversubscribed courses

1 When the course is requested to support a NATO operation.
2 NRF: When the course is requested to support the NRF rotation cycle.
3 Job description: To fulfill the requirements for a NATO post.
4 Routine: Desired for professional development.

NATO priority allocation system used.

Additional seats requests

A Once primary allocations are notified POC may request additional seats or return any unwanted seats.
B When courses are full, seats will be added to a waiting list and reallocated to agencies as per NATO priorities (1-4) if/when seats are returned.
C Seat requests will not be accepted unless a valid finance agreement has been submitted.

To allocate courses, please review the Bid and Allocation Procedures as part of the  ACT DIR 75-1 of 22 Jun 2016.


Joint Advanced Distributed Learning (JADL)


The NSO maintains a catalogue of self-paced online courses accessible via the Joint Advanced Distributed Learning Management System (JADL LMS), hosted by NATO ACT.

How to register / log in

Follow the link:, click on "CREATE ACCOUNT" (blue button), and fill out the form. Be aware you have to use an official email address in order to register. Once you registered, an automated email with your password and username will be sent to you. Please wait for your registration to be activated. Your Password WILL NOT be valid until AFTER you received the notification that your account has been activated (second email). Please allow the administrators 48hrs to approve your request (during the weekend it can take up to 72hrs).

Once your account is approved, you can login and select from the horizontal menu "Courses". You will find different categories with online courses. Please select "NATO Training & Education Facilities (NETFs)" and "NATO School Oberammergau" to see the set of courses we developed for NATO School pre-learning purposes.

Path to NSO ADL Courses: Courses » NATO Courses » NATO Training & Education Facilities (NETFs) » NATO School Oberammergau

Locate the online courses under the category "Recommended prerequisite online courses for all NSO Students" and from the Actions drop-down menu located on the right side of the of the online course title, select "Join". The course title becomes an active link. Click the course title to open the course.

You can also search for online courses by using keywords in the "Search" feature (located upper right corner).

To receive a course certificate, all lessons in an online course must be completed. To view or print a course certificate, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Click "Download Certificate" link after the name of the course you completed. Your course certificate displays as a PDF and is available for printing.

If you do not receive the email with your username or if you need help with registration to online courses, contact the NATO JADL Team by email at jadladmin[at] Please be aware that some systems may forward email message to your "Junk" or "Spam" folder.

You should also note that the recommended browser is Google Chrome. LMS Frequently Asked Questions are available here:

NATO School Members' Portal

Link:  NSO Members' Portal

The NSO Members' Portal is an online collaborative environment hosted on GlobalNet. It facilitates information exchange between course directors, instructors, course administrators, course participants, subject matter experts and researchers. Students can seek out information and question instructors and colleagues, learning from others' efforts to do the same. These communities of interest live on after the course and students can continue to access updated information long after they have left the NSO.

Students selected for NSO resident or Distributed Learning courses via the allocation process will receive NSO Members' Portal registration instruction sent to their official email address.

How to register / log in

Step 1    

Please click on the following link to access the portal:
 NSO Members' Portal

Step 2    

In your email inbox, provided to the NATO School Student Admin (Joining Report) you should have an email from the NATO School Members' Portal (GlobalNET) with login instructions. If you do not receive this email by Friday during your resident class at NATO School Oberammergau please contact ADL Support Team via email provided below.

Step 3    

After login select [My GlobalNET] from upper right corner then, select [Courses] tab to get the list of all courses you’re attending or have attended. Click on the group title of your event or course iteration (e.g. M5-32-C-17…) and when in the group area, look for [Files] tab located in the horizontal menu under the group/course title. In folders you will see the group/course content (files) and you can download these to your desktop or memory stick as needed.

For further questions please use the contact form on the upper right corner and choose "ADL/eLearning" in the Category-Dropdown.