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Student Information


1.1. Verify with your unit if you will have to pay tuition fees. Please ensure you plan ahead for payment if required.

1.2. Certain NSO courses require a review of security clearance documentation. Students attending M and P course designations (see course number) DO NOT NEED a security clearance. Students attending courses classified NATO CONFIDENTIAL and higher, are required to present their security clearance (with original signatures, no copies) for verification during in-processing. To review your course classification, please refer to the NSO course guide. Course classifications are noted in parenthesis after the course title.

1.3. There are several online courses developed to support NSO residential courses. Please check the → course catalogue to check if there is an online course associated with your residential course.

1.4. The Learning Management System (LMS) used by the NSO is located here: In the LMS you will have access to course related folders. You will receive your username and a password sent to the email address you provided to the NSO about one week before the course begins.

If you do not receive the email with your username by the Friday before your course starts, or you don’t remember your login information, please contact our DL Help by email at: DL.Help[at] Please be aware that a few systems will forward the message to your "Junk/Spam folder.

Once you have access to our NSO eLearning Platform, follow these steps:
Scroll down on Course area and locate your course
Click on "Course title"
You will then have access to the course content. Please follow the instructions

Online modules, Pre-Reading & Pre-Course Assignment:
In preparation for your course, it is recommended to:

  • Complete the ADL-169 Gender Awareness online
  • Complete the 037 Introduction to NATO
  • Your respective course may have additional pre-reading or assignments posted in the course area



2.1. You are required to make your own travel arrangements to and from the School. Please be aware that courses can be cancelled or course dates can be changed up to six weeks prior to the course beginning.

2.2. A detailed brief outlining transportation and directions to and from the NSO, for air, rail and road users, can be found within the Newcomers section of the NSO website.

2.3. The School will provide bus transportation from the Oberammergau train station on Sunday afternoon. There is no transportation coordinated by the NSO on Saturdays. Visit for information and booking of your train journey to/from Oberammergau.

2.4. During the working week the NSO Bus will collect/return students at designated pick-up points at or near the Oberammergau hotels, pensions and apartments. A map will be issued during In- processing.

2.5. If you are driving your own vehicle, you can enter the barracks and park your vehicle in the parking lot by Building 601 at the bottom of the hill. Immediately turn left after you enter the lower gate. You will have to walk from the parking area to the School. The Parking Lot is also the Emergency Helipad (for the Barracks and the town) so please do not park on the designated helipad.

2.6. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE GERMAN REGULATIONS concerning the use of winter tyres. Winter tyres are recommended for the month of October through April. German law doesn't actually set any time limits, but it does clearly state that under icy conditions you must not drive without snow tyres on your vehicle. Fines (and the potential loss of insurance cover) could apply if you do not adhere to the regulations.

2.7. Most of the courses finish on a Friday. Please do not plan to depart from the NSO earlier than 12:30hrs or plan your departing flight from Munich before 17:00hrs. There is transportation available to take you to Munich International Airport on Fridays leaving the NATO School Lodge at 13:00hrs with an approximate arrival time of 15:00hrs. Tickets for this (€20 per person) can be obtained from the Student Administration Office no later than the Wednesday afternoon prior to travel.
Disclaimer: Please note that the arrival time for the shuttle to Munich International Airport is an estimated one. Neither the NSO nor our contracted shuttle service provider can be held liable for unforeseen delays.


3.1 The NATO School Lodge (NSL) has accommodation for up to 65 students reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. You are encouraged to make your reservations through the NSL, even if you are staying in accommodation in Oberammergau village. For more information, please refer to the → Accommodation page.

3.2. Statement of Non-Availability (not applicable to subsidised Students). With the exception of members of the German military and obligated civilians, there is no duty accommodation (subsidised or free- of-charge) located on the NSO campus.
The School will only issue statements of non-availability when all of the following conditions are met:

  • At the time of the traveller's lodging request there are no rooms available in the Lodge.
  • The national travel policy of the respective official traveller lists the NSL as an available lodging facility.
  • The official traveller requests in advance a lodging reservation through the NSL reservation system.

3.3. German military staff and obligated civilian employees must adhere to national travel policies, which recognise the barrack rooms in the adjacent BIZBw as acceptable lodging. The BIZBw Barracks Commander is the issuing authority for German statements of non- availability and has delegated the signature authority to the School, Chief Engineer CJ-4. If all of the following conditions are met, statements of non-availability will be issued (if requested by the Student):

  • At the time of lodging request there are no rooms available in the transient billets within the BIZBw.
  • The official traveller requests, in advance, a lodging reservation through the NSL reservation system.

3.4. United Kingdom and Netherlands travellers: National non- availability certificates are available at student administration and are to be requested no later than the Wednesday of the course week.

3.5. Late Arrivals. Students planning to arrive at the Lodge after 21:00hrs are required to inform reception of their late arrival. All reservations are subject to cancellation after 21:00hrs.

For more information please refer to the PDF
→ Student Information (as of 22 Jan 22)