Intelligence Course Portfolio

A significant amount of change to the NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) Intelligence Course Portfolio is forthcoming in order to align course content with the contemporary nature of the operations and potential crises the Alliance is facing.

These changes will occur in three different areas and are applicable for the entire catalogue:

  1. The NSO Intelligence Department is modifying its courses from purely resident, in-classroom courses to taking a blended learning approach by adding mandatory prerequisite lessons using Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL - computer-based e-Learning) modules. Some of these modules are common across the Intelligence course portfolio while others are tailored to specific courses. The use of ADL modules for prerequisite lessons saves classroom time that will be used to enhance practical exercises and to emphasise critical thinking during hands-on application of course fundamentals.
  2. Further modifications to NSO Intelligence Courses are underway to bring courses in line with the requirements of STANAG 2555/AIntP-11, which stipulates NATO intelligence training courses should have a minimum Depth of Knowledge (DoK) of 300 (apply).
  3. Additionally, the NSO Intelligence Department intends to introduce and demonstrate the NATO Intelligence Functional System (INTEL FS) within certain courses beginning in 2017.

Finally, in 2017, NATO School Oberammergau will introduce several new courses currently in development through the NATO Global Programming Process.


N2-96 NATO Imagery & IMINT Staff Course (NI2SC)

  • Compliant with STANAG 2555.
  • Prerequisite e-Learning added.

 Course description N2-96

N2-12 NATO Intelligence Requirement Management & Collection Management Course (NICMC)

  • From 1 week to 2 week Course
  • Compliant with STANAG 2555.
  • More practical exercises
  • Prerequisite e-Learning added.

 Course description N2-12

N2-03 Intelligence Analysis - Critical Thinking & Structured Analysis Course (CT&SA)

  • Compliant with STANAG 2555.
  • Prerequisite e-Learning added.

 Course description N2-03

N2-151 NATO Intelligence Processing Course (NIPC)

  • 2 Week Course
  • POI maximum: 35 students
  • Pilot Course: 22nd May – 02nd June 2017
  • Aim: to prepare NATO Intelligence analysts to execute the processing phase of the NATO intelligence cycle by developing and validating standardized all-source analytical products in response to Intelligence Requirements (IR).

N3-152 NATO Electro-Magnetic Operations Course (NEMOC)

  • 1 Week Course
  • POI maximum: 35 students
  • Pilot Course: 28 Nov - 01 Dec 17
  • Aim: to prepare NATO EW/SM members to act as SEWOC / EMB (Electro Magnetic Battle Staff) members during NATO Operations and Exercises.