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  • The INTEL Department offers courses in the fields of all-source analysis, single-source functions, requirements & collection management, and specialized topics that will prepare the intelligence professional to provide support to decision-makers across all echelons of the alliance.
  • Courses are founded in the most recent and emerging NATO doctrine, best-practices, and lessons learned from NATO operations and exercises, and are structured to reinforce the NATO Intelligence Cycle and the JISR Process in all intelligence functions.
  • Residential courses are offered using a “blended approach” which includes student pre-reading packages, online learning modules, and in-class participation leveraging NATO information systems.
  • Plenary lectures are conducted by subject matter experts who bring the most up-to-date tools, techniques, and operational experience into the classroom, and reinforced by group exercises and student discussions.


  • INTEL Department courses are designed to support intelligence and security professionals, spectrum managers, terrain engineers, and other staff officers responsible for characterizing a threat or operating environment for the purposes of delivering decision advantage.
  • INTEL Department courses are primarily aimed at officers, NCOs, and civilians assigned to NATO billets at the operational and strategic level, but may also be appropriate for personnel in allied and partner nation assignments who are preparing for operations or exercises alongside NATO organizations.
  • Most INTEL Department courses assume students already have proficiency in basic intelligence concepts and functions; please check the prerequisite experience or education for each course.

FLYER Electromagnetic Operations Course N3-152

Flyers for more courses will follow soon.



Information about the NATO Security Course (N1-38) and the OSINT Course (N2-168)

SCAPT Michael Hupp, DEU-AF, INTEL Course Director, talks about the N1-38


LTC Christopher Carbone, USA-A, INTEL Course Director, talks about the N2-168