Distributed Learning - METT Explained

Mobile Education Training is a course or seminar conducted by a NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) training team at an offsite location upon a specific request of a governmental or eligible organization. Mobile Education Training Teams (METTs) are designed to provide customers with an established resident NSO course at their location. METTs are typically more cost effective for an organization where there is a large group requiring training, thereby saving travel and per diem costs.

Conducted by the Academics Directorate, METTs are supplementary to resident NSO courses and are arranged to meet the specific needs of a requesting organisation.

Types of a METT


Choose from the NSO course catalogue.


Tailor a course according to your requirements.

Benefits of a METT

Enjoy all NSO academic standards at your location:

  • Training requirements are fully met
  • Professionally organized education event
  • Complete training materials
  • NSO graduation certificate

METTs provide value to the customer:

  • Receive the same professional course that is provided at the NSO at your location;
  • The number of students attending the course can be much greater thus the cost per student is reduced;
  • You can work with the NATO SCHOOL Oberammergau to tailor the course to your training needs;
  • Flexible training period within the constraints of NSO’s instructor availability.

METTs are in line with NATO's education and training programmes, always:

  • Supporting a NATO operational need;
  • Providing additional education opportunities to an organization that cannot be met as part of the routine bid and allocation procedures at the NSO;
  • Supporting NATO's transformation goals;
  • Supporting NATO's partnership and cooperation goals.
Processing of a METT

Request a METT

A request for a METT Course should be extended not later than 4 months before intended execution of the course. However, some specific METT Courses for partners that involve NATO funding may require earlier application time to allow proper decision making within relevant partnership structures.

A METT can be requested by emailing the METT office at the NSO through the contact form on the top right of this page.

Previous METT Customers


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