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Cooperative Security Department (COSEC)

The COSEC department offers courses designed to provide NATO orientation including command structures, policies and operations as well as advanced level courses for operational deployments and specialized courses.


Hybrid, Influence and Effects Department (HIED)

HIED addresses Strategic Communications (STRATCOM) and its effects, in combination with a broad insight into Special Operations, Civil Military Cooperation & Interaction and Counter-Terrorism.


Intelligence Department (INTEL)

The INTEL department provides instruction on real-world intelligence and operational topics relating to current and potential NATO commitments.


Joint Plans and Operations Department (JPOD)

The JPOD delivers individual training at the Operational and Strategic level of warfare; specifically in Defence Planning and Exercise Planning.


Joint Targeting Interoperability Curriculum Department (JTIC)

JTIC’s course address the basic fundamentals of joint targeting to advanced level operational and specialized courses. The students graduate empowered with the knowledge, contacts, and skills to succeed as targeeters.


Non Commissioned Officers Programmes Department (NCOPD)

The NCOPD complements the national training within the context of the Alliance and thereby to shape the attitude to become a better international NCO enhancing the interoperability of the Alliance.


Protection Department (PROT)

The Protection Department trains students to prepare and respond to Weapons of Mass Destruction, Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) incidents and Force Protection (FP) issues during peace or conflict.


Standards, Evaluation and Training Department (SET)

The SET Department provides a series of tailored courses to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of instructors, instructional designers and standards personnel.


Distributed Learning (DL)

The DL department oversees development and delivery of the NSO's course curriculum via alternative means, to include online learning options like Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) and the dispatch of Mobile Education Training Teams (METTs).