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Please note: POCs can be located via the POC Finder.
If you are not able to identify the correct point of contact, please use the contact form on top of this website and send your request to Student Allocations (STAR) using Category / Area of Interest "Courses".

Distributed Learning Courses

M2-00-E-20 Intelligence Support to Irregular Warfare Course (Distributed Learning)

This course will be held On Line through GLOBALNET from 26 Oct-13 Nov 20 (3 weeks) at the NATO UNCLASS level. This course teaches students how to adapt current analytic methodologies designed for conventional warfare to meet the challenges of providing intelligence support in irregular warfare environments. Irregular warfare is one of the triad of conflict types that comprise the hybrid conflicts that the alliance must prepare to face in the future, and this advanced analysis course uses emerging work from academia and military institutions to adjust existing tools and methodologies when analyzing non-state threat actors and irregular warfare environments to support senior decision makers at the operational and strategic level. This 3 week course will consist of assigned reading, recorded lectures delivered by video, discussion forums in which the students are required to answer questions based on the readings and lectures, and the completion of five projects that build upon each other. Students will be divided into three groups; each group will be assigned a threat group. Students will be provided reference materials in a folder dedicated to each group on GLOBALNET. The student will receive a Course Certificate upon successful completion of the course. In order to maximize the benefit students should EITHER have at least one year of experience in military intelligence OR have completed both the NATO Intelligence Course (N2-02) and NATO OSINT (N2-04) which will be considered when approving students. Please send course requests to STAR through your POC (use the POC finder on this website if you do not know who this).

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New Courses (In-Resident)

XX-163-A-20 Lessons Learned Management Course

From 12-16 Oct 20, the NSO will conduct the second iteration of the Lessons Learned (LL) Management Course. The aim of the course is to increase knowledge of the LL Staff Officers and on using the NATO LL Portal, how to "practically" manage and execute their roles and responsibilities in their respective organizations in accordance with the structure, process, tools, and training as described in the Bi-SC Directive 80-006 for LL. The target audience is Officers, NCOs and civilians that are involved in Lessons Learned (LL) and / or analysis or working in the research fields.
Language Proficiency: English, STANAG 6001 SLP – 3333; English, STANAG 6001 SLP – 2222 is exceptionally acceptable.
Please send seat requests to star via your point of contact.

XX-164 NATO Basic Design & Innovation for NATO Course

NSO will conduct a further iteration of this new course from 5-9 Oct 20 focused to provide students with the principles and applications of design thinking. The course includes lectures, discussions, syndicate work, and a design scenario in order to help students comprehend the language, process, and deliverables of design thinking. Upon completion of this course students will be able to apply the concepts of design to complex problem sets by using critical and creative thinking. The target audience is OF-1 to OF-6 and OR-5 to OR-9 who are NATO, national, and civilian personnel seeking understanding of why design thinking is important, how they can implement innovative ideas into their organizations to speed the learning process, and desire to help go beyond describing problems to defining them and capitalizing on opportunities for improved organizational performance. Please send seat requests to star via your point of contact.

XX-166-A-19 NATO Architecture Framework Course

In collaboration with the NATO Consultation, Command & Control Board's Architecture Capability Team, the NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) will host a one-week pilot for the NATO Architecture Framework (NAF) Version 4 (NAFv4). The pilot will take place during 4-8 Nov 19 with the aim to provide practical knowledge and understanding of the NAF. The Course itself is directed toward NATO Projects staff and contractors who would benefit from, or their responsibilities require them to have, a deeper understanding of the NAFv4. Students will be expected to have a basic understanding of IT architecture and to provide critical feedback to enhance the content of the pilot and subsequent courses.

Whilst the pilot is only available to staff from NATO member countries it is expected that, once accredited, the Course will be opened to staff from Interoperability Platform member countries. Interested participants should request attendance through their respective Point of Contact (POC); POCs can be located via the POC Finder on the NSO website.

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