NATO Certified Instructor Programme (NCIP)

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The NCIP is designed to support Education and Training Facilities (ETFs) in their efforts to meet NATO Instructor development standards and guidelines in accordance with Bi-SC Education and Individual Training Directive (E&ITD) 075-007.

This qualification standard is offered to all Education and Training Facilities (ETF) providing NATO E&IT solution(s) accredited by HQ SACT/JFD. Accredited ETFs are expected to have procedures and programmes to support the professional development of staff and instructors. This includes continuously improving instructor abilities.

The following information outlines the specific requirements needed for personnel in ETFs whose position requires them to instruct, teach or brief. Its objective is to present the role, responsibilities, duties, tasks & qualification standards associated with the function of a NATO Certified Instructor.


A NATO Certified Instructor is defined as any member from a NATO or Partner Nation, serving as a military member or civilian employee in an ETF that has completed all of the training and experiential requirements as defined in The NATO Certified Instructor Qualification Certificate (by Phases) → here. NATO Certified Instructors are assigned by their respective nations or hired by an ETF to deliver quality NATO training solutions depending on their job descriptions or subject matter expertise

The Intention of the Programme is

To expand the NATO Certified Instructor Programme (NCIP) across the Alliance in order

  • to ensure instructors at all levels and within all Education and Training Facilities (ETF) are able to utilize effective teaching methods and presentation techniques in the delivery of academic instruction
  • to satisfy recognized NATO Education & Individual Training needs.

The NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) recognizes that excellence in instruction does not happen by chance. The NSO is therefore responsible for maintaining the Quality Assurance Standards of Instructor Training and will continue to lead, facilitate and provide the stewardship over the NCIP throughout the Alliance.

The NCIP Phases

The NCIP provides direction and guidance with regards to all necessary steps that need to be performed. Ideally, personnel wishing to become qualified should strive to complete the qualification process within 12 months of commencement. To facilitate an organized approach to the NCIP, a four-phase programme has been established:

NCIP Overview

For a PDF with more detailed explanation of the phases, click → here

Badges & Certificates

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Colonel Carlos Mouta Raposo

Colonel Carlos Mouta Raposo, PRT-AF
Portuguese Air Force Academy teacher
NSO Supporting Speaker for almost 15 years

After being a national certified instructor for more than 20 years, I recognise the importance of qualified instructors who add credibility and quality to a school curriculum.

It was an honour to be the first supporting speaker to earn the NATO Certified Instructor Programme certificate at the NSO.

Certification by a Global Learning player such as the NSO ensures confidence and integrity, and provides the training audience with a high quality "product".

The idea of enlarging the NATO Certified Instructor Programme beyond the NSO’s remit shows the importance this organization puts on military multinational Education and Training within the alliance. Programmes such as the NCIP benefit not only the individual but provides wider benefits to Nations and NATO as a whole.

Colonel Carlos Mouta Raposo