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XX-153 NATO StratCom Practitioners Course

From 28 Aug - 08 Sep 2017 the NSO, in compliance with the Strategic Communications Training Requirement Analysis TT150713, will conduct this pilot course focusing on preparing StratCom Practioners for the challenges and opportunities of working in the NATO StratCom Environment.

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M3-154 NATO Chemical Warfare Defence Awareness Course

From 24 - 28 Jul 2017 the NSO conducted this pilot course focusing on the chemical warfare defence awareness based on a recommendation from the CBRN/WMD Annual Discipline Conference conducted in September 2015. The aim of the course is to provide the student with the foundational knowledge of current and emerging Chemical Warfare (CW) hazard risks, threats, and implications for medical countermeasures within the context of NATO CBRN Defence policy, capabilities, and legal considerations.

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N3-147 NATO WMD/CBRN Intelligence Indicators and Warning Course

In 2016, the NSO conducted a pilot course focusing on preparing INTEL Analysts and CBRN Specialists to identify the associated indicators and warnings of a developing WMD/CBRN programme. This course examines the strategic threat to NATO, introduces basic CBRN production and weapons concepts, describes the processes to develop a WMD/CBRN capability, and explores the indicators of clandestine programs. The next iteration was conducted 10 - 14 July 17.

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M1-117 NATO Protocol Course

From 18-22 Sep 17, the NSO will re-introduce and conduct this course with the aim of providing Protocol Branch Heads, officers and staff with knowledge, skills and attitude with regard to NATO specific Protocol elements in an international environment.