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Intelligence Support to Asymmetric Warfare Course

Conducted by INTEL


The aim of this course is to prepare students to apply new and emerging doctrine that can be used to provide intelligence support specific to asymmetric threats in the context of hybrid conflicts at the operational and strategic levels. The course provides real world examples and case studies in a collaborative exercise environment that encourages students to utilize creative and critical thinking skills.


Duration: 1 Week
Course Structure: Resident (1)
Language: English 3333 IAW STANAG 6001
Classification: NATO Unclassified
Discipline: INT - Intelligence
Area: CI - Counterintelligence
Depth of Knowledge: 3 - Apply
ePrime No.: ACT.423
ETOC Code: INT-CI-3649

Course Iterations

Code Course Dates Open Seats
M2-00-B-19 02 - 06 Sep 19 0

If no seats are available, you may have your agency POC send a seat waiting list request. Please click on the POC Finder to obtain the contact information of your agency POC.

Learning Objectives

Describe Asymmetric Warfare: Given a set of parameters, the student will explain the asymmetric warfare concept, its enabling social and environmental considerations, and its potential place in the broader context of hybrid warfare, in accordance with references.

Employ Analytic Methodologies to Asymmetric Warfare: Given a set of parameters, the student will employ analytic methodolgies apprpriate to providing comprehensive assessments of asymmetric threats and environments.

Provide Intelligence Support to Decision Makers Regarding Asymmetric Threats: Given a set of parameters, students will provide analytic and collections support to strategic and operational level decision makers regarding asymmetric warfer threats and environments, in accordance with references .

Synthesize Case Studies: Given parameters, students will be able to integrate lessons learned regarding analytic considerations, intelluigence organizational structure, and collection challenges of previous asymmetric conflicts.

Course Participants

Military officers (OF-1 through OF-5) and NCOs (OR-4 through OR-9) or civilian equivalents assigned to a NATO/PFP headquarters or a defense, foreign affairs, or military agency within any NATO/PFP country.

Language Proficiency: English 3333 IAW STANAG 6001
Rank Requirements: NCO: OR-4 thru OR-9
Officer: OF-1 thru OF-5


This one week course is comprised of interactive plenary lectures, case studies, best practice TTPs, practical exercises, and discussions that amplify the course lectures.

Specific to assigned syndicate, provided 2 weeks prior to start date of course.