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NATO Information Operations Course

Conducted by HIED


To educate and train students from national, joint and combined organizations on NATO concepts for conducting Information Operations (INFO OPS).


Duration: 2 Weeks
Course Structure: Resident (2)
Language: English 3333 IAW STANAG 6001
Classification: NATO Secret
Discipline: STC - Strategic Communication
Area: IO - Information Operations
Depth of Knowledge: 2 - Intermediate
ePrime No.: ACT.308
ETOC Code: STC-IO-2536

Admin note

Please note that this course is pending removal from the NSO Curriculum and is replaced by the NATO Comms & IA Planners (XX-173) Course-see Course Announcements page

Course Iterations

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If you wish to join a course you may have your agency POC send a seat request. Please click on the POC Finder to obtain the contact information of your agency POC.

Learning Objectives

Comprehend NATO Info Ops Policy and Doctrine: Given references, the students will be able to describe NATO policy, doctrine and concepts of NATO info ops and how it is supported by military functions. MC422/3 and AJP-3.10 and the Bi-SC NATO Info Ops Reference Handbook.

Explain Capabilities, Functions, Tools, and Techniques in Support of Info Ops: Given references, students will explain the relationship of info ops with other major military functional areas and capabilities in accordance with AJP-3.10.

Identify Examples of Historical and Current Info Ops Activities: Given a scenario, students will identify info ops deficiencies, opportunities and requirements in accordance with the AJP-3.10.

Demonstrate Info Ops Planning: Given a scenario, students will produce info ops planning contribution to the JFC in accordance with the Comprehensive Operational Planning Directive (COPD).

Course Participants

Military Officers (OF-1 through OF-4) and NCOs (OR-5 through OR-9), or civilian equivalent, who are assigned or selected for assignment to:
a. NATO staffs involved with operations and planning.
b. INFO OPS support functions such as intelligence.
c. NATO functional areas such as strategic communications, military deception planning, targeting, psychological operations, public affairs, cyber operations, social media, joint fires and electronic warfare.
d. Work in the functional areas as detailed above.
e. Work in staffs involved with operations and planning.
F. Work in INFO OPS support functions such as planning.

Language Proficiency: English 3333 IAW STANAG 6001
Rank Requirements: NCO: OR-5 thru OR-9
Officer: OF-1 thru OF-4


This two-week course is comprised of interactive plenary lectures designed to familiarize the students with the subject matter, followed by moderated Q&A sessions. INFO OPS planning exercises are introduced by classroom lectures and followed by intense mentor-guided work in small syndicates, followed by back briefs to plenary.

Further Information

This is a two week course focused on Info Ops Planning.