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Resource Management Education Programme (RMEP) Course

Conducted by JPOD


The purpose of this course is to provide NATO and National personnel with education and individual training on resource management processes, including the Common Funded Capability Delivery Governance Model (CFCDGM), through the concept of the three resource pillars: Military Budget (MB), NATO Security Investment Program (NSIP), and Workforce.


Duration: 1 Week
Course Structure: Resident (1)
Language: English 3333 IAW STANAG 6001
Classification: NATO Unclassified
Discipline: ETE - Education,Training, Exercises & Evaluation
Area: FI - NATO Finance
Depth of Knowledge: 2 - Intermediate
ePrime No.: ACT.156
ETOC Code: ETE-FI-2708

Course Iterations

Code Course Dates Open Seats
M8-30-D-23 11 - 15 Dec 23 Contact POC
M8-30-A-24 12 - 16 Feb 24 Contact POC
M8-30-B-24 29 Apr 24 - 03 May 24 Contact POC
M8-30-C-24 07 - 11 Oct 24 Contact POC
M8-30-D-24 09 - 13 Dec 24 Contact POC

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Learning Objectives

Comprehend NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP): Given references, students will be able to understand the processes and tools to secure NATO Resources, identify NSIP common funding issues, and describe NSIP procedures and policies for current operations.

Understand Military Budget (MB) funding: Students will be familiar with NATO procurement/contracting practices and procedures, be familiar with funding for NATO operations, describe the resource management process for obtaining funding, and describe funding procedures and policies for current operations.

Explain NATO Workforce: Students will be able to explain the types of workforce available to perform duties in NATO, explain the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing, describe Peacetime Establishments (PEs) and Crisis Establishments (CEs), describe the procedures for managing NATO workforce, and key constraints such as ceilings and national limitation on flexibility.

Comprehend NATO political and military resource structures: Students will be able to describe NATO committee structure and boards directing NATO resource matters, identify key NATO resource directives, be familiar with the relationship between NATO defence planning and NATO resource planning, and understand the relationships between the three resource pillars: NSIP, MB and Workforce.

Understand the Common Funded Capability Delivery (CFCD) Governance Model (GM): Students will get familiar with the stages and gates described in the CFCD GM, understand the roles and responsibilities of the different actors and stakeholders and identify how and when the different resource mechanisms take place in the process

Course Participants

Applicable to all personnel assigned to NATO resources or national MOD resources branch of NATO as well as PfP, EU, and MD countries.

Language Proficiency: English 3333 IAW STANAG 6001
Rank Requirements: NCO: OR-5 thru OR-9
Officer: OF-2 thru OF-5


This one-week course is comprised of interactive lectures building on the three NATO resource pillars: (1) Military Budget (MB), (2) NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP) and (3) Workforce.There are scenario-based syndicate exercises and a final keynote from a guest speaker.

Further Information

Please note that this course is a 5 day course that runs from Monday morning to Friday noon


You are encouraged to complete the following ADL modules prior to attending the course.

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