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NATO Crisis Response System Course

Conducted by JPOD


To enable NATO members with the necessary skills and knowledge in order to successfully plan and implement NCRS process, components, and procedures.


Duration: 1 Week
Course Structure: Resident (1)
Language: English 3232 IAW STANAG 6001
Classification: NATO Restricted Releasable to Interoperability Partners (Rel IP)
Discipline: JPL - Operations Planning, Assessment and AltA
Area: OP - Operational Planning
Depth of Knowledge: 3 - Advance
ePrime No.: ACT.312
ETOC Code: JPL-OP-3562

Course Iterations

Code Course Dates Open Seats
P3-75-A-23 06 - 10 Nov 23
P3-75-A-24 28 Oct 24 - 01 Nov 24 Contact POC

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Learning Objectives

Explain NCRS: Given references, students will be able to explain the NCRS and the use of its components

APPLY CRISIS RESPONSE MEASURE AND INFORMATION EXCHANGE PROCEDURES: Given a series of presentations and practical Functional System Training, students will apply NCRS CRM and information exchange procedures.

DEMONSTRATE THE USE OF NCRS COMPONENTS: Students will demonstrate the correct use of NCRS components against a given scenario.

Course Participants

Military Officers (OF-1 through OF-5) and NCO's (OR-8 through OR-9), or civilian equivalents, who are in the position of NCRS Action Officers with responsibilities for the NCRS assigned to or selected for:
- NATO Allies’ and, where appropriate, PfP Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defence, Internal Affairs, etc.
- NATO HQ, NATO commands, NATO agencies.

Language Proficiency: English 3232 IAW STANAG 6001
Rank Requirements: NCO: OR-7 thru OR-9
Officer: OF-1 thru OF-5


This one-week course is comprised of lectures, practical exercise on computers, syndicate work and student presentations. Day 1 and 2 primarily focus on NATO Crisis Response System, crisis response measure procedures, and the NATO Crisis Response Tracking and Message Drafting applications. Other course days focus on practical exercise of these applications and syndicate study.

Further Information

Prior attendance at NATO Crisis Management Course (M3-52) at NSO or the Crisis Management Orientation Course (CMOC) at NATO HQ is recommended but not mandatory.