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NATO Host Nation Support Course

Conducted by JPOD


Provide students with foundational knowledge of NATO's Host Nation Support planning procedures and its concept and organization for the provision of Host Nation Support.


Duration: 1 Week
Course Structure: Resident (1)
Language: English 3333 IAW STANAG 6001
Classification: NATO Unclassified
Discipline: LOG - Logistics
Area: LG - Logistics
Depth of Knowledge: 2 - Intermediate
ePrime No.: ACT.143
ETOC Code: LOG-LG-2707

Course Iterations

Code Course Dates Open Seats
M4-93-A-22 28 Feb 22 - 04 Mar 22 Contact POC
M4-93-B-22 20 - 24 Jun 22 Contact POC
M4-93-C-22 14 - 18 Nov 22 Contact POC

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Course Participants

Military officers (OF-1 through OF-5) and NCOs (OR-8 through OR-9), or their civilian equivalents, who are assigned to NATO or national positions that involve logistic support in multinational joint operations or exercises.

Language Proficiency: English 3333 IAW STANAG 6001
Rank Requirements: NCO: OR-7 thru OR-9
Officer: OF-1 thru OF-5


This one-week course is comprised of lectures, syndicate work, and student presentations. Days 1 to 3 create a baseline understanding of NATO logistic support and, particularly, host nation support doctrine. Days 4 and 5 focus on the practical application of the doctrinal aspects on a given scenario.

Further Information

Supported by subject matter experts, this course has the focus on achieving of a common understanding on NATO logistic support and host nation support doctrine. The curriculum is comprised of multiple lectures, followed by practical exercises to focus on the doctrinal aspects within a given scenario.