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Distributed Learning - Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL)

The NSO is using ADL in a number of ways; from self-paced eLearning courses that prepare students for resident attendance, hybrid and blended classroom solutions that combine online and traditional residential learning methodologies, to tutor-led fully-online versions of several courses from the NSO’s catalogue.

To fulfil this requirement, the NSO leverages collaborative technologies such as Learning Management Systems and Video Conferencing tools to enhance the learning experience of both resident and online students. For details, please see the → Enrolment Instructions for the NSO eLearning Platform.

From Classical Computer Classrooms to Advanced Distributed Learning

From Classical Classrooms to Advanced Distributed Learning. Click for larger image.

The NSO eLearning programme has a three level approach:

Foundation Courses

Foundation Courses support NSO's resident courses and aim to bring students to a common knowledge level before the resident portion, enabling more active and informed discussions during the course.

Learning Enhancement Courses

Learning Enhancement Courses offer broader NATO topics of interest as well as professional development subjects such as the NATO Procurement and Contracting Course series.

Online-Tutored Courses

The NSO offers fully-credited online versions of select resident courses by blending self-paced, asynchronous eLearning modules with mentor guided online discussion and collaborative student engagement activities.

Recommended ADL-Courses


Click on the images for more information about the courses in the course catalogue.

eLearning Instructional Design - the ADL Resident Course

The ADL Section, in conjunction with SACT, also offers NATO’s only eLearning Instructional Design Course (M7-126). This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to create eLearning products, as well as implement and evaluate e-learning solutions in support of NATO E&IT requirements.