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Distributed Learning - Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL)

Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) at the NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) supports modern training methods and develops online courses to prepare resident course participants to use emerging concepts and capabilities for joint, multinational and interagency operations.

The NSO is using ADL in numerous ways, to offer our students the best possible opportunity to prepare, not only for NSO resident courses, but to enhance the NSO course programme, by offering students online courses on NATO / Partnership for Peace (PfP) topics of interest to enhance their knowledge in various fields.

To fulfil this requirement, NSO offers students self-paced eLearning courses via the Learning Management Systems (LMS)  NATO ACT LMS (JADL). For further information, please see section How to Log in... below.

In addition, since 2008, NSO is also using collaborative technologies to enhance the learning experience for its students. For details, please see section Members' portal below.

From Classical Computer Classrooms to Advanced Distributed Learning

From Classical Classrooms to Advanced Distributed Learning. Click for larger image.

The NSO eLearning programme has a three level approach:

Foundation Courses

Foundation Courses support NSO's resident courses and aim to bring students to a common knowledge level before the resident portion, enabling more active and informed discussions during the course.

Learning Enhancement Courses

Learning Enhancement Courses offer broader NATO topics of interest as well as professional development subjects such as the NATO Procurement and Contracting Course series.

Online-Tutored Courses

The NSO offers fully-credited online versions of select resident courses by blending self-paced, asynchronous eLearning modules with mentor guided online discussion and collaborative student engagement activities.

How to log in to the NATO ACT LMS (JADL)

Follow the link:, click on "CREATE ACCOUNT" (blue button), and fill out the form. Be aware you have to use an official email address in order to register. Once you registered, an automated email with your password and username will be sent to you. Please wait for your registration to be activated. Your Password WILL NOT be valid until AFTER you received the notification that your account has been activated (second email). Please allow the administrators 48hrs to approve your request (during the weekend it can take up to 72hrs).

Once your account is approved, you can login and select from the horizontal menu "Courses". You will find different categories with online courses. Please select "NATO Training & Education Facilities (NETFs)" and "NATO School Oberammergau" to see the set of courses we developed for NATO School pre-learning purposes.

Path to NSO ADL Courses: Courses » NATO Courses » NATO Training & Education Facilities (NETFs) » NATO School Oberammergau

Locate the online courses under the category "Recommended prerequisite online courses for all NSO Students" and from the Actions drop-down menu located on the right side of the of the online course title, select "Join". The course title becomes an active link. Click the course title to open the course.

You can also search for online courses by using keywords in the "Search" feature (located upper right corner).

To receive a course certificate, all lessons in an online course must be completed. To view or print a course certificate, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Click "Download Certificate" link after the name of the course you completed. Your course certificate displays as a PDF and is available for printing.

If you do not receive the email with your username or if you need help with registration to online courses, contact the NATO JADL Team by email at Please be aware that some systems may forward email message to your "Junk" or "Spam" folder.

You should also note that the recommended browser is Google Chrome. LMS Frequently Asked Questions are available here:

NSO Members' Portal

The ADL Section supports the NSO Members' Portal, an online collaborative environment that facilitates information exchange between course directors, instructors, course administrators, course participants, subject matter experts and researchers. Students can seek out information and question instructors and colleagues, learning from others' efforts to do the same. These communities of interest live on after the course and students can continue to access updated information long after they have left the NSO.

Please click on the following link to access the NSO Members' Portal:

With the NSO Members' Portal students and staff are able to stay establish communities of practices and interest and stay in contact prior, during and after the course. At the NSO, collaboration is no longer a phrase; it is a real life experience for the staff, the students and the supporting speakers. It makes course preparation between the Course Directors, Officers of Primary Responisbility, and NATO /PfP widespread teaching staff easier. It helps students to come prepared to the NSO and allows the community to stay in contact long after a course was successfully graduated.

Recommended ADL-Courses


Click on the images for more information about the courses in the course catalogue.

eLearning Instructional Design - the ADL Resident Course

The ADL Section, in conjunction with SACT, also offers NATO’s only eLearning Instructional Design Course (M7-126). This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to create eLearning products, as well as implement and evaluate e-learning solutions in support of NATO E&IT requirements.