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  • Mar

    21 - 23 Mar 17

    2017 NATO OSINT Working Group

  • Apr

    11 - 13 Apr 17

    NATO ETEE Discipline Training Requirements Analysis Workshop

    NATO Education, Training Exercises and Evaluation (ETEE) TRA Workshop #1

    HQ SACT/JFT will conduct a Training Requirement Analysis (TRA) for the NATO Command Structure (NCS) and the NATO Force Structure (NFS) Headquarters. The core functions of each identified level of training will be analysed in terms of performance statements. These levels will then be further analysed and will be connected to the required level of proficiency. The TRA focusses on making an
    in depth inventory of the existing NATO training environment where it covers the requirements, thus identifying gaps, redundancies and opportunities which do not cover the requirements completely.

    This first NATO ETEE TRA workshop will: 1) only cover the ETEE requirements listed in section 5.1 – 5.5 of the ETEE Strategic Training Plan. The seven additional focus areas will be covered in TRA Workshop 2) tentatively planned for September 2017. A separate calling letter will be issued for this future event.

  • Apr

    24 - 27 Apr 17

    2017 NATO Intel Training Working Group

    Background. The Intelligence Education and Training Plan established the NITWG as the Annual Disciplinary Conference (ADC) for the management and governance of NATO Intelligence Education and Training. The NITWG created the initial Discipline Alignment Plan (OAP) following the 2016 meeting. It remains the primary mechanism through which Allied Command Transformation (ACT) fulfils its responsibilities as Departmental Head Coordinator for the Intelligence Discipline. As such, the NITWG seeks to support delivery of requirements based training, for all Intelligence areas, across the entire training continuum. It provides a forum for the coordination and harmonisation of training delivery throughout the NATO Intelligence Community, and assists nations to address their training requirements by acting as a broker to match requirements with offers of training support from nations with spare training capacity which can be utilised by allies.

  • May

    15 - 19 May 17

    2017 JIPOE Workshop

  • May

    29 May 17 - 02 Jun 17

    2017 NATO Maritime Operations Law Seminar

    In cooperation with the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre (NMIOTC), US Naval War College, and Confined and Shallow Waters Centre of Excellence, this 3rd annual course will provide military officers and military/civilian legal advisors in national or NATO positions with an introduction to international legal norms for maritime security, NATO policy and doctrine for naval operations, and public international law as it applies to peacetime and armed conflict operations at sea. This course will take place 29 May - 2 June at NMIOTC in Souda Bay, Crete, so participants are able to take advantage of the unique expertise and maritime training equipment offered by the NMIOTC facility. Conducted in English, the seminar is NATO UNCLASSIFIED releasable to PfP, MD, ICI, and Partners across the Globe (PatG). The seminar fee is €450.

  • Jun

    19 - 23 Jun 17

    2017 Steadfast Nimbus