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  • Dec

    11 - 14 Dec 17

    CTC 17-02

  • Dec

    12 - 14 Dec 17

    NATO ETEE Discipline Training Requirements Analysis Workshop No. 2

    Education, Training Exercises and Evaluation (ETEE) TRA Workshop #2 HQ SACT/JFT will conduct a Training Requirement Analysis (TRA) for the NATO Command Structure (NCS) and the NATO Force Structure (NFS) Headquarters. The core functions of each identified level of training will be analysed in terms of performance statements. These levels will then be further analysed and will be connected to the required level of proficiency. The TRA focuses on making an in- depth inventory of the of the existing NATO training environment where it covers the requirements, thus identifying gaps, redundancies and opportunities which do nnot cover the requirements completely. The second TRA workshop is a continuation and intended to cover the seven additional focus areas listed in section 5.7-5.13 of the ETEE Strategic Training Plan. The first NATO ETEE TRA workshop successfully covered the ETEE requirements listed in 5.1-5.5 of the ETEE Strategic Training Plan.

  • Jan

    22 - 26 Jan 18

    2018 NC2 Test and Validation Conference

  • Feb

    20 - 22 Feb 18

    2018 Schedulers Conference

    This important annual event is for any agency points of contact that send students to attend courses at the NATO School Oberammergau. This conference will educate attendees on the bidding and seat allocation processes, student registration, administrative procedures, and new course curriculum offered at the NATO School. Please use the 'Registration Form' to reserve a seat. There is no conference fee for this event.

  • Mar

    12 - 16 Mar 18

    2018 SOCEUR Resistance Seminar