The NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) conducts education and training in support of current and developing NATO operations, strategy, policy, doctrine and procedures.

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Students of the NSO

Students of the NSO

The Future of the NSO

By the Public Affairs Office, 16 Jan 23

Due to the pandemic and international security situations, the NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) has faced some challenging years. Nevertheless the School has continued to provide training, conferences and exercises for all NATO entities and selected NATO partners. Since 1975 the NSO has educated more than 190.000 course participants.

For these very reasons, it is gratifying and reassuring for the NSO to be supported by and receive a statement of intent signed by Celeste Wallander, USA, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs and Benedikt Zimmer, DEU, State Secretary for the Federal Ministry of Defence.

This document highlights the importance of the NSO and confirms the essential need to maintain this unique training facility in Oberammergau on a long-term basis and for it to be fully equipped for the future.

"Against the background of the current security situation, NATO’s revised Strategic Concept and the refocusing of the Alliance, we are ready to ensure the School remains fit for purpose and continues to exemplify this bilateral success story of the past."

The signing of this statement of intent demonstrates the commitment to maintain the NATO School Oberammergau in the long term and ensure it is fit for the future as it looks forward to celebrating its 70th Anniversary in 2023.


Col Heleg and Colonel Tölkes

Honouring an Exceptional Supporter of the NSO

By Maj Johannes De Waal, NLD-A, JPOD Course Director & Instructor, 11 Jan 23

On behalf of Colonel Jay Smith, Commandant of the NATO School Oberammergau (NSO), Colonel Jac-Peter Tölkes recognised Colonel Ernes Heleg from Logistics Command Armed Forces of BIH with the NATO School Fellowship Award.

This prestigious award recognises an individual who has made a long-term significant contribution to the School. Colonel Heleg is only the fourth recipient of this award over the School's 69 year history.

Working with the NSO since 2012, Col Heleg has been involved in 30 iterations of the NATO Logistics Operations Planning Course (M4-92, NLOPC, former MLOPC). He supported the transition from MLOPC to NLOPC, trained numerous logistic planners, supported dozens of Course Directors and he has given numerous presentations and facilitated 30 Iterations.

He is supporting the Course Directors LOG within the JPOD during with his knowledge, feedback and is always available to help the NSO with their goal to provide the best logistic course possible.

Col Heleg stated: "The NATO School Oberammergau provides a unique possibility for networking, for learning and teachers to develop themselves and get a good basic knowledge on NATO logistic doctrine and developments. I am deeply honoured by this award and recognition".

The NSO Presents its Educational Portfolio

The NSO Presents its Educational Portfolio

A Great Opportunity to Strengthen the Alliance

By LTC Franz Feyerer, AUT-A, Staff Officer for Outreach, 07 Dec 22

After a break of three years due to Covid, the Partnership Training and Education Centres (PTEC) community met again for the first time on November 15th and 16th for the traditional Marketplace at NATO HQ in Brussels.

The event was opened by NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană, who thanked the PTECs for their "fantastic work for the Alliance" and highlighted their role as security providers through education and training. He also stressed that the unique expertise that PTECs bring is a valuable asset that NATO will continue to leverage. The leadership of this community is shared between Allied Command Transformation (ACT) and the NATO School Oberammergau (NSO); the CMDT of the NSO is also the co-chair of the PTEC community.

Colonel Jay Smith, CMDT of the NSO, emphasized the special geographical scope and topical variety of the PTECs, which strengthen and complement perspectives and approaches. To recognize the outstanding achievements of PTEC officers, NCOs and civilians, he announced the introduction of annual awards.

PTEC is a community of currently 34 NATO-accredited E&T centres, which are spread across the globe in 12 NATO member states and 15 partner countries. These centres complement NATO's E&T portfolio or provide NATO with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Of the 34 PTECs, geographically spread from Colombia in the west to Mongolia in the east, 27 PTECs took the opportunity to participate this year.

The NSO celebrates its 70th Anniversary in 2023 and very much looks forward to further expanding the cooperation and collaboration with the PTEC community in the future.

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