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NTTC, Athens, 2023

Exploring the Future of Training & Education: Moderator's Insights at NATO Training Technology Conference

By Mr Gheorghe Roman, ROU-CIV, ADL Coordinator, 28 Sep 23

The NATO Training Technology Conference (NTTC), an annual gathering of leading minds in military training and education, recently convened in Athens, Greece.

This year's NTTC brought together military officials, educators, technologists, and policymakers from NATO and partners. The event served as a platform to discuss cutting-edge technologies and methodologies shaping the future of training and education in the military domain. At its heart were the lively and informative panel discussions that explored diverse facets of this critical domain.

The panel discussions moderated by Mr. Roman - NSO, together with Mr. Williams - ACT, panellists Ms. Ragle and Col Tyshchenko were of the highest caliber, showcasing the kind of innovation and collaboration that are essential to our mission.

Members of the panel under the theme "Exploring the Future of Training & Education, shared valuable insights, contributing to an event marked by forward-thinking ideas and collaboration. Their role was not merely to facilitate the discussion but to delve deep into the key topics and guide the conversation toward meaningful outcomes. (read more ...)

Impressions of the Celebratory Event

Impressions of the Celebratory Event

70 Years Teaching Excellence – a Reliable Partner to the Alliance

By the Public Affairs Office, 17 Jul 23

On 13 Jul 23, the NSO celebrated its 70th anniversary. High ranking representatives from military, political institutions and diplomatic representations joined us in celebrating this unique institution. One of the Highlights was for sure the "cake cutting", using the NATO School Sword. Special events to honour the 70th anniversary will continue until the end of the year.

Tag der Bundeswehr

Tag der Bundeswehr

NATO School Oberammergau joins Tag der Bundeswehr

By the Public Affairs Office, 22 Jun 23

NATO School Oberammergau joined the German military on Saturday, 17th June 2023 in celebrating the "Tag der Bundeswehr". This day of the federal armed forces serves as a bridge between military and society. NATO School Oberammergau used the opportunity to present itself to over 13000 visitors that day. Participants had the option to explore their geographic knowledge, train their creative thinking and problem solving skills or experience how important leadership and communication is.



NATO School Oberammergau hosts the Voluntary National Contribution Conference

By the Public Affairs Office, 22 Jun 23

This week the NSO hosted the Voluntary National Contribution Conference (VNC) during 20-21 June 2023. National Military Representatives from Austria, Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom and our Senior National Representatives were briefed on the NSO’s current operational requirements and opportunities for nations to expand their presence at the NATO School as future staff members. This event promoted networking, shared understanding, and also gave the Nations a forum to discuss national requirements and future commitment. We want to express our gratitude for their participation and collaboration with our organization in support of The NATO School’s mission to educate and train to support current and developing NATO strategy, policy, doctrine, and procedures.

METT Jordan

METT Jordan

NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) supporting the Military Women’s Training Center

By the Public Affairs Office, 22 Jun 23

The NATO Instructor Course delivered in cooperation with NATO was concluded at The Military Women's Training Center in Jordan on Wednesday 14 June 2023, with the participation of 23 servicewomen from the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) and Jordanian Police in the JAF, in the presence of The Commander of the Military Women's Training Center, Colonel Anas Al-Malkawi.

According to NATO standards, the course qualifies participants to give lessons to the members of the Jordanian Armed Forces and security services.

The course, which lasted 4 days, included teaching methods, communication and feedback, and the development and implementation of a lesson plan.

At the end of the ceremony, the center's commander distributed certificates to the graduates. Among those who attended/instructed were U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Daniel Broda, Hungarian Chief Warrant Officer Laszlo Nagy, Czech Sergeant Major Pavel Bodrogi and Switzerland Senior Warrant Officer Roger Steiner, all members of the NATO School Oberammergau staff.

The NSO prioritizes METTs to the NATO Command and Force Structure and Allied national units based on exercise timing and resource availability. To learn more about the NSO METT program, navigate to the → METT page.

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