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JTIC N3-97



13 Sep 17

N3-97 NATO Collateral Damage Estimation Course Accreditation

By Lieutenant Colonel Kettles
Department Director Joint Targeting Interoperability Curriculum

From 4 - 8 Sep 17, three Joint Targeting Interoperability Curriculum (JTIC) staff members and one member of the NATO Intelligence Fusion Centre Standards and Evaluations office were put to the test during the continued accreditation process of the N3-97 NATO Collateral Damage Estimate (CDE) course. The accreditation was led by the US Joint Staff J7 Joint Targeting School (JTS) and supported by representatives from the United States Air Force and US Central Command Targeting Enterprise. This was the first time, at the NATO School Oberammergau (NSO), that a cadre of international instructors was accredited to deliver the US CDE Methodology. Instructors from Canada, Italy and the United States were also part of the evaluation.

The inspection team focused on two main areas during this arduous process. First, the inspection team evaluated how well the instructors adhered to the Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Instruction 3160.01B, the source document for the US Collateral Damage Estimate methodology. Second, they focused on the delivery of all course material and the quality of instruction. Each member of the JTIC team was evaluated individually and then collectively. After one week of intense instruction and practical application of the CDE methodology the lead inspector found no deficiencies with the JTIC team earning an overall rating of "Excellent" and full accreditation. The inspectors also noted the student diversity (12 countries) and challenges this presents for the NSO instructor cadre; both unprecedented across the discipline and specifically at the JTS. Overall the evaluation team was impressed with the dedication, professionalism, and expertise of the JTIC team, going so far as to state that the NSO CDE course is among the best they have seen of the nine schools teaching US CDE methodology.

This accreditation means that students will receive the same training standard for the US CDE methodology and, upon successful completion of the course, an NSO qualification equivalent to that they would receive at JTS or another accredited institution. Demand for training in the US CDE methodology has increased in 2017 and in response to this demand JTIC has increased the student population to accommodate an additional throughput of 50 students per year. JTIC will continue to work with the US and other NATO nations to align targeting training and provide relevant individual training to the Alliance and partner nations in years to come.