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From left to right: Ms Tanja Geiss, Mr. Paul Thurkettle, Mrs. Syuzan Sarajyan, Mr. David Ghazaryan, Mrs Greta Keremidchieva, and Mr. Gigi Roman

NSO Graduates win NATO e-Learning Showcase During ACT Forum

By Mr. Gheorghe (Gigi) Roman and Ms. Tanja Geiss

The showcase of the 13th Annual e-Learning Forum, hosted by Joint Advanced Distributed Learning, Allied Command Transformation (ACT) in September 2018 in Norfolk, Virginia, was won by NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) M7-126 alumni. During the showcase, ADL teams from several organizations presented innovative solutions in training and education using e-Learning methodologies. The team from the Armenian MoD lead by Mr. David Ghazaryan, are graduates from the M7-126 NATO e-Learning Instructional Design Course, which is offered twice a year at NSO. In his short acceptance speech Mr. David Ghazaryan thanked NSO, especially the ADL team (Ms. Geiss and Mr. Roman) for their engagement and motivation during and after the M7-126 course, and acknowledges that without the M7-126 course he and his team could not develop ADL courses on this level.

The annual event hosted by the Education and Training Technologies Section of ACT seeks to bring together e-Learning experts, developers from NATO and partner nations, training education facilities, and industry. During the three days Forum the discussions focused on NATO e-Learning Programme, its capabilities, and plans for future, best practices, pedagogy innovations, new ideas and technology development in the education and training world. The NSO ADL team and M7-126 NATO e-Learning Instructional Design Course Directors Mr. Gigi Roman and Ms. Tanja Geiss attended the annual event to network with other e-Learning teams and share best practice.

During the one week forum the NSO ADL team participated in a panel discussion about NATO’s e-Learning future and conducted a workshop which focused on NATO e-Learning and the implementation of successful blended learning. Additionally the team briefed the pedagogical concept of the M7-126 course, a true NATO blended learning course with synchronous instructor-led online sessions. This, incidentally, was NATO’s first online tutored course.

During the closing remarks VADM Paul Bennett, NATO ACT Chief of Staff, thanked the attendees for the active discussions and for re-enforcing the importance of the using technology and collaboration in the implementation of NATO’s training and education programme. He reminded the forum attendees about this year’s topic “Architects of Future Learning”, and challenged them to be an active part and important players to bring NATO’s Education and Training not only to the next level, but educate and train the members of the Alliance to be ready for their tasks. He continued stating that e-Learning is not only an innovative but also a very powerful means of delivering this requirement.

The 2018 NATO e-Learning Forum concluded that access to education and training opportunities is more and more important, especially in an increasingly digitized world. The growing need for affordable on-demand education and training solutions can only be made available through e-Learning. The availability of self-paced courses, their consistent and accurate delivery and the offering of condensed instruction on a need to know basis provide cost-saving opportunities for collaboration among national military services as well as among nations.

Well-designed e-Learning courses enable NATO members and partners to access to high-quality education and training that can be tailored to individual needs, enabling personnel to effectively contribute to the NATO mission.

If you would like more information on the NSO ADL program including the M7-126 NATO e-Learning Instructional Design Course please contact the ADL Team at NSO via the contact form on the top of this page.

A video of the event is available on the ADL page.