NSO-Related Information about COVID-19

As of 18 Oct 21
** New or Updated Information

The NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) remains open to residential and virtual students and conference attendees and is continuing to expand its Distributed Learning portfolio. NSO Hygiene Policy current as of 18 Oct 21:


  • All students and speakers entering Germany are to follow guidance given on the Digital Registration on Entry for entry registration requirements.
  • All students and speakers entering Germany regardless of mode of transport are to carry proof of: a negative COVID test taken no earlier than 48 hours prior to entry to Germany, or proof of vaccination, or proof of recovery.
  • Entry from a COVID-19 Variant of Concern (VOC) area requires quarantine for 14 days, regardless of military status; please review the RKI Risk Area Information Website before travel.


  • ALL students, speakers and guests are to provide:
    • Either a negative PCR COVID-19 test upon arrival. The test must be taken within 72-hours prior to entry to the School or an anti-gen test no earlier than 24-hours before entry;
    • Or proof of full vaccination (2 vaccines plus 14 days) with a vaccine approved by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut;
    • Or proof of having contracted COVID-19 in the period NET 28 days prior to NSO entry and NLT six months prior to entry (recovery); a medical certificate is required as proof
  • RKI Risk Area Restrictions:
    • High Risk Area: Entry only allowed when fully vaccinated or recovered from a Covid-19 sickness (28 days/6 months, see above) and a negative test result is provided.
    • Variant of Concern Area: No entry into the NSO allowed.
    • Considered if the person has been to any listed area in the previous 10-days.
      RKI Information on the designation of international risk areas


  • Members of foreign armed forces (NATO, PfP, EU) are exempt from having to quarantine if traveling from a designated Basic Risk Area or High Risk Area.
    • This does not apply if from a COVID-19 variant of concern area– see below for list of these areas, which are designated by the RKI


  • Accepted tests: PCR, TMA, LAMP, rapid antigen. Antibody tests are not accepted.
    • The test result has to be available as a printout or in electronic form sent to Student Administration.
    • The certificate needs to be personalised to include the name of the person being tested and the date of test.
    • The proof must include the test method and the test result;
    • The test result needs to be validated by a physician or a recognised laboratory/pharmacy. Not a self-test.
  • The NSO can facilitate COVID-19 tests for those students that will require one prior to their return to their respective home countries. Please details below.
  • ** If not fully vaccinated, local hotels including the NATO School Lodge will require a negative COVID test during check-in and then again every 72 hours.


  • People are considered fully vaccinated/immunised:
    • 2-weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series
    • 2-weeks after a single-dose vaccine
    • Contracted COVID-19 illness NET 28-days and NLT 6-months prior to entry. Medical Certificate required as proof.
  • Include vaccination information on the Student Information Request form.
  • Provide a copy of the vaccination certificate upon in-processing.


  • Standard Hygiene practices are in force: physical distancing, face masks, sanitise hands, etc.
  • FFP1 face masks are the required standard.
    • To be worn by all visitors (students, speakers, contractors and guests) and staff at the NSO while indoors.
    • Mandatory for public transportation in Bavaria.
    • Masks will be available for purchase at the Student Admin desk at a price of 5 EUR for two masks.


  • The NSO can facilitate COVID-19 tests for those students that will require one prior to their return to their respective home countries.
  • Sign up will be completed at the start of course or at Student Administration no later than 1030hrs on Monday.
  • The cost associated with the test is EUR 125.00 payable only during tuition collection times at the Student Administration office. Students/guests living in Bavaria can receive one test per week at no cost, they have to provide a proof of residence at the test station.
  • Payment is not possible at the medical testing facility.
  • Tests will be administered on Wednesdays 1700-1940hrs. Shuttle bus departure from the NSO to be confirmed.
  • You are required to bring the following with you to the medical testing facility:
    • Medical form issued at time of payment
    • Proof of payment
    • Passport or civilian ID card – Military ID will not be accepted
  • Tests are conducted by the Gesundheitsamt GAP (local health authority).
  • NSO takes no responsibility for the tests or its results.
  • The Munich Airport offers a Test and Fly programme for travellers. See Munich Airport "Test & Fly" for more details.
  • If there are any questions, please contact Student Administration via the Contact Form, choosing Category Courses.

With effect to courses beginning after Sunday 24 Oct 21

Students and speakers that have been to any of COVID-variant countries listed below in the last 10 days will not be admitted to the NSO. The following information (RKI update dated 15 Oct 21) is provided as a courtesy but the NSO makes no warranty or guarantee for the accuracy of the information. Please visit the official RKI website for the latest updates.

COVID-Variant Areas

  • There are currently no countries designated as COVID-Variant areas.

High risk areas:


In accordance with the Robert-Koch-Institut (RKI)

Students and visitors: Your temperature will be checked upon In-processing on Sunday and upon arrival Monday through Friday.
Staff: Your temperature will be checked upon arrival Monday through Friday.
Students: Provide contact details to Student Admin and allow tracing up to two weeks post-course. Your contact data will be destroyed 3 weeks post-course.
Keep your distance: 1.5 m Wear a mask if you can’t keep your distance.
Wear a mask in communal areas (e.g. cafeteria). Wear a mask in all corridors and keep to the right.
Wear a mask on public transportation. Wear a mask in restaurants and shops.
Observe hygiene rules. If you develop symptoms: Students: stay in your room and contact your Course Director for further measures. Staff: self-quarantine at home, inform your supervisor and call 116117.
Comply with isolation or quarantine advice. Be patient and respect each other.