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Corporate Identity


NATO SCHOOL Oberammergau (NSO) will remain flexible and ready to rapidly respond to the challenges of the future security environment by supporting the educational and individual training requirements of NATO. We will establish strong and collaborative relationships with NATO’s Centres of Excellence, NATO’s Partnership Training and Education Centres and other leading academic institutions to collectively provide the most efficient and effective training capability for the Alliance and its partners. Our classrooms will reflect the diversity and reality of coalition operations, learning together, in support of NATO's comprehensive approach.

Knowledge Enables Capability



The NSO conducts education and individual training in support of current and developing NATO operations, strategy, policy, doctrine and procedures.


We strive for excellence and seek continuous improvement in all that we do.

  • We invest in our staff, helping each member grow professionally while showing value to our sponsoring nations.
  • Diversity is our core strength, both in our staff and in our classrooms, as this is where shared understanding and interoperability begin.
  • We aim to produce quality training and education that is relevant to the needs of the Alliance now and in the future.

No one person, no one alliance, no one nation, no one of us is as smart as all of us thinking together.

Admiral James Stavridis, former SACEUR
Bavarian Stone Eagle

A Bavarian Stone Eagle in flight grasping the flame of knowledge under the protection of the Alliance

The flame signifies the knowledge gained at the NSO serves to enhance the strength of the North Atlantic Alliance. The strong Stone Eagle in flight symbolizes strength, the lofty ideals of the Alliance, and the far-reaching impact of the NSO in Southern Bavaria.


Core Values

The NSO Standards of Ethical Conduct sets forth the expectations for how we conduct ourselves as we serve the Alliance and our sponsoring nations.

NSO personnel are expected to observe the highest standards of professional and personal behaviour, both on and off duty. We must act with propriety, particularly in the care and management of NSO resources. Accordingly, the overarching attribute that will characterize our behaviour is that we will act in the best interest of NSO.

The following Standards of Ethical Conduct provides a foundation and reference point for decisions and courses of action in carrying out our professional responsibilities:



Establishing bold objectives and motivating others to work towards them.



Acting with the highest degree of honesty, fairness and personal veracity.



Seeking out and fostering cutting-edge understanding based upon technical competence and significant real-world experience.



Constantly striving for the highest level of achievement in all aspects of personal and professional life.