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External Relations

The strength of the NATO SCHOOL Oberammergau (NSO) as a global leader in education and training stems from a strong and diverse network of experts and organizations who collectively work to provide the most efficient and effective education and training capability for NATO.

The core instructional staff are voluntary national contributions from 21 nations, and together with the framework nations of Germany and USA, NSO is able to offer a broad curriculum in support of current and developing NATO operations, strategy, policy, doctrine and procedures.

About 350 organisations support NSO annually with guest speakers and subject matter experts drawn from the NATO Command Structure and NATO Agencies, Centres of Excellence, Partnership and Training Education Centres, national ministries, international organizations, NGOs and academic institutions. Notwithstanding the NSO’s excellent facilities and instructional staff, it is the contributions made by the students that really make the NSO a special place to learn. Practical skills and knowledge come to life with the vast experiences of our students, representing six continents and 80 nations annually, and it is here where the foundations of shared understanding and cultural interoperability are laid - critical components of successful multi-national operations that cannot be gleaned from textbooks.

Follow our links to see the nations which provide permanent staff and some of the many organizations that work with NSO on a regular basis.

If your nation or organization is interested in working with the NSO, please do not hesitate to contact NSO Senior Leadership.