We want you to enjoy your stay at the NSO and to make the most out of your event both in the class room and in between the sessions. Please browse the following pages to plan and prepare around your stay in Oberammergau.


Located in southern Germany, the NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) is NATO’s premier facility for training and education at the operational level. The School annually conducts hundreds of multinational programmes in direct support of current and developing operations, strategy, policy, doctrine and procedures for NATO. Notably, these programmes include military and civilian personnel from many non-NATO nations.

Your attendance at the NSO will be among the most personally and professionally rewarding experiences of your career. I trust that you will take advantage of your time here to work with – and learn from – your fellow students, who represent the current and future leadership of their respective nations. I hope that you will make lasting friendships and I am sure that you will learn a great deal about the dynamic operational environment in which we all serve. Before you travel, please take some time to become familiar with the information on this website to help make your experience here more enjoyable.

I look forward to welcoming you to the NATO School Oberammergau !

Jay Smith
Colonel (OF-5), United States Army