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NSO Campus Cafeteria


The cafeteria in Building 615 on the main Campus of the NSO is always open during class hours. The cafeteria serves many kinds of cold and hot beverages as well as snacks, sweets & light refreshments. Between 11:30 and 13:00 hours, a lunch buffet is served. Weekly packages for all guest of the NSO are offered.

Softdrink/Tea/Coffee  1,00 €
Beverages - weekly rate 15,00 €
Lunch buffet  9,00 €
Lunch buffet - weekly rate 40,00 €

NATO Community Club (NCC)

The NATO Community Club (NCC), located within the NATO School Lodge (NSL) serves breakfast for guests of the Lodge and dinner for all guests of the Lodge and the NSO. Please bear in mind that the NSL is part of the NSO Campus and that access is restricted to guests of the NSO and the Lodge.

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