Terms and Conditions


Liability claims against the NATO SCHOOL Oberammergau (NSO) web-team referring to material or immaterial damage or loss caused by the use or misuse of provided information or the use of inaccurate or incomplete information are precluded absent deliberate or grossly negligent actions on the part of the web-team.

All offered information is subject to change and is unaccommodating. The NSO web-team explicitly reserves the right to change parts of the website or the whole site, including supplementing, deleting, publishing additional content or final cessation, without notice.

The NSO website provider cannot be held responsible for any information given through hyperlinks found on the NSO website or related sub-sites. The attachment of external links or tools leading to sub-sites from the NSO web site is strictly prohibited unless permission is granted by the NSO website provider. Regarding direct or indirect links leading to sub-sites outside the area of accountability applicable to this website, the NSO web-team is only responsible for sites, sub-sites, or their content if the web-team is actually aware of the presence of illegal content or if it reasonably appears to have been technically feasible to anticipate their use in case they contain illegal content.

The NSO web-team certifies that the sites linked to the NSO website did not contain illegal content at the time the links were established. The NSO web-team has no influence on the current or prospective design, content or authorship of external sites. Thus, the NSO web-team is not responsible for any links or sub-sites which have been changed after being placed on this website. Any liability for illegal, incomplete or defective content, particularly for loss or damage arising from the use or misuse of such content, will be the exclusive responsibility of only the provider of the sub-site to which the user was led, and not the provider of the website presenting the link, i.e. the NSO web-team. This statement is applicable to all links provided by the NSO web-team and references and moreover for guestbook entries, forums or mailing lists.

The NSO website contains information on the institution itself, its personnel, its ongoing courses and related topics. It is strictly prohibited to use such information for unauthorized purposes. Such information is only provided to inform the public about the school and its role within the NATO community. Any information available on this website has been approved by the NSO Public Affairs Office. Due to difficulties related to the updating process, the NSO Public Affairs Office and the NSO web-team cannot be held responsible for any lack of accuracy such as correctness, completeness or quality, occurring after the moment of publication on the website. Moreover, NSO Public Affairs Office is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the downloading of software from the NSO website absent acts with the intent to cause harm or constituting negligence on the part of NSO personnel.

The disclaimer is part of the NSO website. Should parts of its text or single passages or wordings not comply with the current law due to a change of the latter, then the remaining passages shall not lose their validity.


All rights reserved by the NSO. All information provided on the NSO website remains intellectual property of the NSO and are to be handled in compliance with the rules of copyright law, unless express permission is explicitly granted.

It is prohibited to make use of any information provided on this website, unless a written authorisation has been granted by the NSO web-team. Such written authorisation shall herewith be granted in case of use for non-commercial purpose, i.e. private, scientific or educational use. Without written authorisation it is strictly prohibited to copy, save or store data on another server, include them in news-groups or save them on CD. Any information presented to third parties must unmistakably show a NSO copyright indication so that the delivering person shall not be mistaken for the author. Fulfilling these conditions, material may be downloaded, saved or stored in a cache or proxy-server.

The NSO explicitly reserves the right to abrogate the above permissions at any time. The NSO web-team will respect foreign copy rights in all its publications, if they contain graphics, audio or video clips of foreign origin.

All third party content on this website is used with permission or otherwise in accordance with law. Any visitors to the NSO website must ensure protected content is handled in accordance with copyright law or trademark law. The mere mentioning or showing of trademarks on this website must not lead to the impression that they are not protected by the right of a registered owner. The copyright for published documents written or designed by the NSO web-team remains solely with the NSO.

Data Protection

Any information provided by users of the NSO website is provided on a strictly voluntary basis. Should the website contain an optional input of personal or professional user data (email, address, name) the user is not required to provide the data.

When the NSO website is visited, the NSO collects personal data such as the user’s website, file name, date of access, time of access, browser and IP-address for reasons of evaluation, analysis and statistics. Reconciliation with other data pools or circulation to third persons is strictly prohibited.

In case of official requests or any kind of feedback personal data must be used only for that purpose, including methods and means of delivery. The usage data gathered will not be provided to third persons.