NATO SCHOOL Oberammergau is NATO’s premier individual training and education facility at the operational level

With courses, seminars and workshops, the NSO meets the current and emerging training needs of the Alliance and partner nations

Knowledge Enables Capability

At the Heart of the Bavarian Alps

Republic of Azerbaijan visits NSO

Republic of Azerbaijan visits NSO

Republic of Azerbaijan visits NATO School Oberammergau

An official delegation from the Republic of Azerbaijan visited the NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) from 21 to 22 September 2015. This visit was requested by the Ministry of National Security of the Republic of Azerbaijan in pursuit of their efforts to operate an International Counter-Terrorism Training Centre (ICTTC). Members of the NSO Command Group and several subject matter experts provided briefings on NSO's experience in organizing and conducting courses, curriculum development, quality assurance processes and infrastructure support. (read more...)

Strategic Commmunications

Mark Laity, GBR-CIV, Chief of Strategic Communication, SHAPE

Perception becomes Reality

Bocca della veritas or Perception becomes Reality was the introducing theme of Mark Laity, GBR-CIV, Chief of Strategic Communication, SHAPE, in the one-week-course at NATO School Oberammergau (NSO). From 31 Aug - 04 Sep 39 students from 15 different nations were trained on the issue of Strategic Communications. The NATO Senior Officials StratCom Familiarization Course aims to promote and foster an understanding of Strategic Communications in the NATO environment. Altogether, 14 guest speakers from NATO HQ, ACO, ACT, the NATO StratCom Center of Excellence, JFC BS, HQ ARCC and NSO shared their knowledge in the field of Strategic Communications in this fifth iteration of that course at NSO. (read more...)

NSO Second Semester

Starting the Second Semester

Starting the Second Semester

After two weeks of Academic Break, the NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) started the second semester on 24 August 2015, with nine different courses and more than 330 students from 36 different nations. In addition to the NSO staff, 43 guest speakers shared their experience in their field of expertise with the students. For the second semester, NSO has planned new programs, Mobile Education Training Teams, conferences and a huge variety of resident courses. "NSO is starting the second half of an incredibly productive academic year and we have enjoyed strong growth in a number of new programs", Captain Scott Butler, USA-N, Commandant of NSO. (read more...)


Joint Targeting Program

Joint Targeting Program

With full support from the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Philip M. Breedlove, the Joint Targeting Education and Training Program at the NATO School Oberammergau was officially established on 23 January 2015. Prior to this, NATO identified a critical Joint Targeting training shortfall as demonstrated during Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR and NATO Response Force (NRF) exercises. The intent of this article is to update the Alliance on what the Joint Targeting Interoperability Curriculum (JTIC) program has accomplished over its first six months and provide an outlook for the program's future. (read more...)


Interview with Ambassador Marriët Schuurman

Interview with Ambassador Schuurman

Ambassador Marriët Schuurman is Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security (NLD CIV).

Q: The recruitment and retention of women has been steadily increasing over the past few decades. What potential do you see with the increasing percentage of women in Allied armed forces?
Ambassador Schuurman: The percentage of women in the allied forces of NATO has been increasing, but has been increasing very slowly. In the past fifteen years we went up from 7% to 10%. If we want to continue to increase that percentage we must recognize that having a gender balance improves performance and that it is of critical importance to have women in the armed forces. (read more...)