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MPC Workshop

NSO attended Military Partnership Coordination Workshop

NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) contributed to the Military Partnerships Coordination Workshop in Budva, Montenegro 23-27 Mar 15. Partnerships were identified as a priority at the 2014 Wales Summit with new Partner initiatives introduced by NATO. Maj Gen Ali Çetinkaya, Deputy Chief of Staff Military Partnership, TUR AF, stated that with the next NATO Summit planned for Warsaw in 2016, the vision was to ‘bridge the gap’ between Wales and Warsaw and the theme of this year’s Workshop was therefore ‘Developing Partnerships, Bridging the Future’. (read more...)


Defence Planning Symposium

Defence Planning Symposium
NATO School Oberammergau (NSO)

From 24 to 26 Feb 2015, the NATO School Oberammergau hosted the Defence Planning Symposium (DPS) chaired by Mr Heinrich Brauss, Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning, International Staff, NATO. The theme for the symposium was "Adapting NATO's capabilities: Bolstering Readiness and Responsiveness". (read more...)


Interview with Major General Blotz

Interview with Major General Blotz

During his visit at NATO School Oberammergau

Q: How important is interoperability for NATO - today and tomorrow in regards to the changes in our security environment?

Major General Josef Blotz: Interoperability has been a key factor for success since the Alliance was formed in 1949. Interoperability between all the NATO Allies is a crucial factor for success and credibility. We need to be able to work together tactically, technically and in decision making. (read more...)

JTIC Ribbon Cutting

JTIC Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Establishment of the Joint Targeting Interoperability Curriculum (JTIC)

On 23 Jan 2015, the first course of the JTIC at NATO School Oberammergau (NSO) ended with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in the School’s Manfred-Woerner-Hall. The long-awaited event was attended by Brigadier General Paul Nelson, Director of Intelligence for the United States European Command, Brigadier General Ole Asak, Assistant Chief of Staff J2 SHAPE, and Captain Scott Butler, NSO Commandant. The ceremony was highlighted by a video message from General Philip M. Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, in which he addressed JTIC’s students and NSO’s honoured guests. (read more...)


NSO Receives HQ SACT Unconditional Quality Assurance Accreditation

NATO School received NATO’s highest grade in its recent assessment by the HQ SACT Quality Assessment Team of Experts, meeting or exceeding the minimum criteria in all assessment areas. These outstanding results were announced by HQ SACT Joint Force Trainer, Vice Admiral Javier Gonzalez-Huix, ESP N, on 1 Dec 14. This achievement comes at the end of an 18 month review of academic and supporting staff processes to ensure students at NATO School are given the best possible training and education in a professional and supportive learning environment and just as importantly, that there is a continuous improvement mind-set to carry the organization forward through the six years of the accreditation period. (read more...)